Thursday, June 22, 2017


Time has come to stop and go. To stop
still waiting for the time to come, and go
and come to time myself. Climb to the top
of the hill, having arrived there on, you know,
my own, for as the saying goes, the hill
does not respond even to that prophet's word
why would it then attend to mine? The will
that doesn't move will win, and that unheard
willcan do nothing but consent. So this
is me going the distance, watching far
in the horizon as the mountain bliss
draws closer, closer drawing where we are.
            Though time is ever moving and unmoved,
            By going to it comes, that's how it's moved.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Off the Glass

The sun, reflected off a car window,
and then reflected off a flat window
it sparks a flash within my bathroom door.
This sudden blindness, gone in a blink, calls for
an explanation, something to bring me to ground,
and that reboundthat was the cause I found.
How powerful the sun, to reach me at
a third-step remove in place from where he sat,
Three windows distant from his burning glory.
A power so great is bound to reach my body,
And burn my cells just like the sun does not.
            It fires up my blood with living fun,
            Alive from the flaming energy of the sun,
            To tell the world that life has just begun.